Ede Studio

Have Mercy II

■ Interior Design ■ Art Direction ■ Graphic Design ■ Illustration

Having worked closely together to create the hugely successful El Cortez bar and restaurant, in Edmonton, Chris Ede once again joined forces with founder Michael Maxxis, on a new venture.

Their mission: to create a concept, creative drawing plans and final resolution for a newly acquired space, taking inspiration from Maxxis’ favourite part of the world, the Deep South. A crazy road trip ensued across this richly cultural melting-pot of the US, visiting dive bars, Texan roadhouses, taverns, Honky-Tonks and even a surprise visit to Willy Nelson’s studio and the Super Dome, thrown in.

The outcome of their experiences, findings and inspiration, from the people and spirit of the Deep South, can be seen in the form of the Bar and Table, Have Mercy.

Chris Ede was heavily involved in the initial concept ideas, then went on to design the creative drawing plans of the space. Finishing the large-scale project as Art Director and Graphic Designer, creating the brand & identity, advertising, stationary, mural art and illustrations for Have Mercy.

Chris is forever grateful for the experience and memories he gained on this mind-blowing voyage, thanks to film/music director, entrepreneur and friend, Michael Maxxis.